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New York State Homeschooling Regulations

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No matter what state you live in, it's necessary to know your state's homeschooling regulations. And in a highly regulated state such as New York, it's especially important. Learn the regulations by studying the following information:
  • New York State Homeschooling Regulations

  • Revised Questions and Answers on Home Instruction -- 85 questions and answers on some aspects of the regulations which the State Education Department considers important

  • Additional SED-approved tests -- Tests that the SED has approved for home educators' use in addition to those listed in the regulations. Note:
    • This is an exact replica (including mistakes!) of the sheet that the SED sends out upon request. So, if your district challenges your choice of a particular test, you can print this sheet, give it to your district, and tell them that it's the SED's publication.
    • This is a PDF file. If your computer fails to display it when you click on the above link, you'll need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

  • Selected New York State Education Laws -- Some sections of education law that are relevant to home educators, such as the compulsory attendance laws and required subjects.
  • New York State's "preliminary education requirement" for college graduation -- A memo from the State Education Department describing a requirement that must be met in order to get a college degree from any college (public or private) in New York State. Note: This requirement is for college graduation, not for college admission. Each college has its own admission requirements, which might or might not include something similar to this state-mandated graduation requirement.
The SED's School District Index is useful for looking up the address of your school district superintendent's office, which is where you send your letter of intent. However, if you live in New York City, please note that you should send your paperwork to the Central Office of Home Schooling at 333 Seventh Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10001.