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New York State Homeschooling Regulations
Local homeschooling groups in New York State
Current state government issues
How to contact state government officials
We host a number of email lists at Yahoo Groups. Please join the lists that are of interest to you. If you have any problems subscribing to these lists, please send email to

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NYHEN-News provides news about New York State homeschooling issues, as well as occasional announcements of interest to New York homeschoolers.

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If you have questions about homeschooling in New York, and especially if you're a new homeschooler, NYHEN-Support is the place to find out what you need to know. We have made sure that there are various experienced New York homeschoolers available to answer your questions about complying with the state regulations, filling out required paperwork, dealing with school districts, useful homeschooling resources in New York, etc. Once you've subscribed to the list, you can look at samples of the paperwork that families submit to their school districts by looking in the list's Files area at the Yahoo Groups website (requires a free Yahoo Groups ID).

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NYHEN-Teen helps families with older homeschoolers as they start to think about things such as preparing for college, social and volunteer opportunities, employment regulations, and more.

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NYHEN-SpecialNeeds is a place for people to share information and experiences about homeschooling children with special needs, whether physical, emotional, or learning-related.

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NY-Alert provides a forum for discussing possible changes in the New York State homeschooling regulations. (See our Current state government issues page for information about this topic.) This list has generated a lot of interest and discussion among homeschoolers of all stripes, including many from other states.

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NYHEN-alt-assess provides a forum for discussion among those united in their belief that true education is more important than high test scores for children, families and, ultimately, society. If you are dismayed by today's testing and standardization crazes, join this list.