Homeschooling in New York State can be done completely free, as there are resources and support available to facilitate accessible education for your child. This includes understanding statutory requirements, curriculum options, and finding the necessary support resources.

For accurate and detailed information regarding the fees or free nature of specific programs, I recommend directly visiting the websites of the programs you’re interested in or contacting them for the most current information. Some of the programs you might consider exploring include Hudson Valley Consortium, LEAH (Loving Education at Home), Bridgeway Academy, Colonie Library, Sylvan Learning of Albany, Enlightium Christian Academy, Seton Catholic Central School, Time4Learning, Capital Region BOCES, and Capital District Home Educators (CDHE).

Hudson Valley Consortium

Hudson Valley Consortium offers a blend of academic and enrichment classes, promoting a stress-free learning environment at home. It includes events like science fairs, school dances, talent shows, and prom, contributing to a rich academic experience. This program is known for its challenging curriculum and offers a wide range of classes suitable for different interests and educational needs.

LEAH (Loving Education at Home)

LEAH is a large homeschool community in New York. It is a Christian organization that not only focuses on high-standard education but also offers community support, activities, and tips for homeschooling. LEAH stands out for its emphasis on supporting parents, protecting parental rights, and growing children in a comprehensive manner.

Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy provides a full homeschool accreditation with a focus on building character and critical thinking skills. Their curriculum is designed for independent study, ensuring basic skills in at-home learning. The academy offers a range of programs and electives for all educational stages from Pre-K to high school.

Colonie Library

While not a complete homeschooling program, Colonie Library is an essential resource for homeschoolers, providing access to a wealth of books, learning materials, online databases, and programs. It is highly valued for its contribution to various homeschool programs and can be a crucial part of the educational journey for many families.

Sylvan Learning of Albany

Sylvan Learning of Albany supports homeschooling with highly individualized programs that nurture a child’s confidence and talent. It offers a high-quality education across all grades and ensures academic confidence and intellectual curiosity in children.

Enlightium Christian Academy

Enlightium Christian Academy offers a Biblically-based curriculum and is known for its teacher-led individualized instruction and a college preparatory syllabus. The academy provides a flexible schedule, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Seton Catholic Central School

Seton Catholic Central School provides specific homeschooling programs for parents preferring home education. They offer access to challenging curriculum materials, online resources, and support from experts. Homeschooled kids can also participate in the school’s extracurricular activities and events.


Time4Learning offers a modern and convenient solution for homeschooling challenges. It provides a standards-based curriculum covering a wide range of subjects. The platform is known for its student-paced curriculum and comprehensive support tools.

Capital Region BOCES

Capital Region BOCES supports both physical and homeschool education, offering over 300 programs and services. It provides educational leadership, support, activities, and services tailored to homeschooling needs.

Capital District Home Educators (CDHE)

CDHE is a group that supports various types of homeschooling families. It offers group discussions, learning and teaching resources, activities, outings, and field trips, enhancing homeschooling experiences.

Freedom Homeschooling

Freedom Homeschooling offers a comprehensive, free curriculum covering various grades and subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science, Life Skills, Technology, and Art & Music. Founded in 2018, it compiles a range of courses to support diverse learning needs.

Little House Kindergarten

Little House Kindergarten provides a free printable kindergarten curriculum available online. It covers a full range of K-12 subjects, including Nature Study, Art, English, and Math, accessible to a global audience.

The Classical Curriculum

The Classical Curriculum teaches students through stages of rhetoric, grammar, and logic, incorporating subjects like music, history, art, and science. After registration, students can access a variety of resources, including webinars and a supportive library.

Mater Amabilis

Mater Amabilis offers a Charlotte Mason-based curriculum for Catholics, encompassing subjects like religion, history, geography, science, and language arts, for various educational levels from preschool to high school.

Free World U

Free World U provides homeschooling programs through online flashcards, covering subjects like Art, Geography, Grammar, Languages, and Mathematics. The platform offers additional resources like tutorial videos and assessments.

An Old Fashioned Education

An Old Fashioned Education offers a Christian-based K-12 curriculum with a variety of programs for different grade levels. It provides resources such as teaching guides, curriculum guides, and weekly assessments for comprehensive learning.

Puritans Homeschool

Puritans Homeschool offers free and affordable Christian-based textbooks and materials, available for download in PDF format. The platform provides a range of titles on subjects such as US History and Christian Martyrdom.

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus provides free educational content for middle and high school students, including interactive science and math lessons, video tutorials, and animated lessons in various subjects like biology, chemistry, economics, and languages.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online offers a free homeschool curriculum based on Charlotte Mason’s principles, with resources for K-12 students including artists, Bible, poetry, math, and language arts, along with open discussions and a blog.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a renowned nonprofit educational platform, offers free learning resources in science, mathematics, art, history, and social studies. It allows learners to study at their own pace and offers tools for teachers to personalize student experiences.

Easy Peasy All in One

Easy Peasy All in One is an online homeschool platform offering a range of lessons, assignments, and quizzes in subjects like reading, writing, grammar, math, and history. It caters to different age groups and tracks student progress.


Ck-12 provides a diverse array of online educational resources including textbooks, flashcards, and real-world applications in subjects like science, math, and social studies. The platform is designed to align with Californian educational standards and supports a variety of learning management systems like Google Classroom and Schoology. This flexibility and breadth of content make it an excellent resource for homeschooling families.