One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen in many homeschool classrooms is the lack of a homeschool desk. Using a table in your dining room as the school desk can be appealing, but this helps perpetuate the idea that you’re just keeping your kids at home when they could be in a dedicated learning environment. Homeschool has been proven to be a fantastic way to teach children, but only when done correctly.

With a dedicated school space and a desk to match it, you’re curating a safe and effective learning environment where your kids can thrive. In many cases, with the proper care and facilitation, the homeschool classroom can work better than traditional institutional learning. It might seem small, but transitioning from a dining room table to a dedicated homeschool desk will greatly affect how well your student works at home.

Parents might not even think of many benefits to having a homeschool desk. Our list is here to provide you with amazing desk options and why you should consider using a desk rather than a typical table around the house. We’ve provided this list to help you keep your students performing well at home and to allow you to focus on lesson planning and curriculum learning rather than the search bar.

The 10 Best Homeschool Desks at a Glance

Each of the items on our list is perfect for homeschool students. The age range varies based on the product, but there is something for all grade levels. From homeschool storage spaces to plenty of space to work, these homeschool desks have it all for your children. Here are our 10 favorite homeschool desks for your classroom!

  1. Our Top Choice: Furinno A-Frame Computer Desk
  2. Bestier Computer Desk with Shelves
  3. 4NM Folding Homeschool Desk
  4. Kids’ Writing Desk
  5. VIVO Children’s Homeschool Desk
  6. Lipper Child’s Chalkboard Homeschool Desk
  7. Convertible Computer Desk
  8. Adjustable Height Student Desk
  9. Best Design for Small Space: Open Front Metal Box Desk
  10. Student Desk and Chair Combo

Best Homeschool Desks Reviewed

1. Furinno Simplistic A-Frame Computer Desk

Stunning, sleek, and sturdy. The Furinno A-Frame Computer Desk is one of the best homeschool desks available as it’s made from strong, composite materials and offers plenty of storage space for your kids to keep their belongings in. This desk is perfect for homeschooling and offers a ton of space for your child to write and clutter up. Once the day is done, they can move their belongings down into the supplies holder beneath the top.

Our Verdict

Regarding looks alone, this could easily be the top homeschool desk available today. It has enough space to fit multiple textbooks and binders collected throughout the year and comes with a large writing surface. If you’re looking for a modern desk for your class, this is the one to choose.

2. Bestier Computer Desk With Shelves

The more storage space, the better. The Bestier Computer Desk with Shelves is an amazing homeschool desk that offers a slightly different take on student storage. It has three exposed shelf units that could fit plenty of binders and enough storage bins to last the year. Kids using this desk will get constant access to their supplies and receive plenty of space for projects and writing that isn’t taken up by shelving units.

Our Verdict

This adjustable desk is perfect for homeschool students as they get older. This desk works best for kids who are in high school or are learning online in college. You can move the shelves around as needed and save space and money on further storage units. Your students will love this dest, and you’ll get plenty of use out of it with the spacious storage options.

3. 4NM Small Folding Computer Desk

One thing that might stand out with the 4NM Folding Homeschool Desk is that it doesn’t offer any storage options. It’s a flat top surface with tall white legs, so why is it on our list if it doesn’t grant you the space you need? Well, when the day is done, you can simply fold up this desk and store it away until tomorrow. This allows you to save space and transform the homeschool room into an office or living space.

Our Verdict

This is the perfect desk for anyone with a limited learning area. By allowing you to fold it up and move it around, this desk creates enough versatility to make up because it doesn’t offer any storage space. Many of the homeschool desks you encounter will take up too much space and reduce things in the homeschool room. This desk ensures you’ll have enough space to teach and store items throughout the year.

4. FDW Kids’ Writing Desk and Drafting Table

Safety is the primary focus of this little Kids’ Writing Desk. It’s for younger audiences and can support children throughout elementary school’s early to middle years. This homeschool desk also features a safe and adjustable chair for maximum comfort that your kids will love. It hosts a wide drafting table surface, so your children have more than enough space to work.

Our Verdict

This truly is an all-in-one package for your little one to work with. It’s easy to move around and change heights on, offers the perfect amount of space for storing supplies and work, and is designed to be comfortable for your child throughout the homeschool day. Your students will like this desk, and so will you for everything it offers the classroom.

5. VIVO Gray Adjustable Children’s Desk

The first image that may come to mind with the VIVO Children’s Homeschool Desk is similar to the one above. You’ll find that to be exceptionally true but with one major difference – this one features a durable alloy steel build for ample protection and dependability. It’s a great desk for your homeschool room with plenty of space and an easy-to-change height setting, but this homeschool desk can stand the test of your little students much better than the FDW.

Our Verdict

The storage options are large, and the surface can fit a month’s worth of work and supplies for your student. They’ll love the comfort this desk offers, and you’ll find that they’ll be on board to learn and want to participate more. This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a dependable, durable desk with a chair.

6. Lipper International Child’s Chalkboard Desk

From storing items to a fantastic, built-in chalkboard, this Lipper Child’s Chalkboard Homeschool Desk has it all. Kids will be much more willing to participate as they can draw directly on the desk without worrying about messes or a difficult cleanup. The stunning dark wood works well with most homeschool room styles, and the internal storage will help you save tons on bins and baskets.

Our Verdict

Homeschooling can be difficult, especially without a dedicated and interesting school desk. With the built-in chalkboard and ample space to store things, this is one of the best homeschool desk options. It’s great for kids from elementary school through middle and will be the perfect addition to any homeschool class.

7. Calico Designs Convertable Computer Desk

While it might not add as many spaces for storing your belongings, this Convertible Computer Desk is one of the largest in terms of surface space. Your children will be free to set all their belongings on the surface without compromising their work area. It’s a large homeschool desk that’s perfect for your child.

Our Verdict

We love the convertible board on each side of the desk that lets you change the layout. It’s easy to move them up or down according to the needs of your little ones. You could bring the board up to the surface if they want a large surface space for works. If they want more space to store their belongings, the board comes down through five different settings.

8. Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk

Sometimes, simplicity in the home works best for your child. The Adjustable Height Student Desk may be a small homeschool desk compared to others, but it’s effective and will work in most homeschool settings. Other desks ensure extravagant features for your room with new ideas that may not be useful to you, but this one is perfect for a simple room.

Our Verdict

We adore this homeschool desk. As we mentioned, it may be on the small end, but sometimes, you don’t need a large surface with ample area to store belongings. You may find that your child will like these reserved desks more than the larger device with many different things. This device is dependable and easy to use for any student.

9. ECR4Kids Adjustable Open Front Metal Box Desk

Sometimes, the classic ideas are the best, especially in homeschooling. The Open Front Metal Box Desk is designed after the traditional desks found in the classroom. As far as surface area goes, they’ve proven to work. They’ve proven to work when storing your belongings easily throughout the day. There’s a reason why schools use these desks and why you should too in the homeschool room.

Our Verdict

Compared to newer homeschool desks, these desks still hold up a lot. They’re dependable and easy to use for children of all ages and will save you plenty when you try to find an extra area to store your child’s supplies. You can adjust the height easily and set it to fit your little ones best. The metal container keeps their supplies safe and makes searching for that missing pencil easy.

10. ShowMaven Student Desk and Chair Combo

The Student Desk and Chair Combo is the perfect combination of at least two others on our list. It’s modeled after the classic design we just mentioned with the ECR4Kids device but includes modern updates like the VIVO and FDW. The chair is comfortable and easy to customize as your kids grow, and the surface can be moved to accommodate your child’s needs.

Our Verdict

Create the perfect learning environment with this amazing homeschool desk. This great product offers plenty of room for your kids to work in, ample areas to use and store their supplies, and an adjustable chair designed to support them throughout the day. Get the homeschool desks that your kids will want to be in.

Build Your Own Homeschool Desk

Homeschooling opens the gates to many great ideas for teachers and students. Sometimes, it is best to create it yourself, especially when it comes to curating a healthy learning environment for your kids. Get the supplies, find a fun design, and build the desks for your homeschool room. Plenty of great ideas online for you to follow and get the best results. You don’t need to be an expert builder to make your own homeschool desks.

We’ve got you covered if you ever need help finding a building or crafting idea for homeschooling. When you leave a comment under this article, we can send you all of the latest homeschooling ideas. Find new crafting ideas or post search through all of the great recommendations for your homeschool classroom right here!

Benefits of A Homeschool Desk

At this point, it should be clear that to get the most out of homeschooling your children; you need desks that they will like and that help to support active understanding in the class. But what makes now a great time to purchase homeschool desks? Why is it time to go all-in on homeschooling and search for a great device online, at places like Ikea, or build it yourself?

A feature that proved to be great in all the desks we reviewed was how much room there was to store items. An issue that you’re sure to face from time to time is how much free room you have to store clutter. Homeschool can be messy with the small area you have to store all the necessities. With these desks, you have a lot of additional free room to store supplies, freeing up areas around the class to store bins and binders.

With a homeschool desk, your children will receive tons of room to work and spread out. A simple table can reduce productivity and make focusing difficult, whereas the more like a traditional school your homeschool is, the better your children will perform. Set your children up with the best homeschool desks and start school time immediately!

Keeping the Homeschool Room Organized

As we mentioned, a great benefit of utilizing a real desk rather than a table is the number of free spaces it can clear up. Keeping your room organized is a great way to boost productivity for you and your students. A cluttered homeschool will have many performance issues, so fostering plenty of organizational ideas for your spaces is important.

Whether it involves bins for storing items related to your curriculum, or free space for your kids to keep their stuff during the day, it is important to host plenty of organizational ideas throughout your classroom. When clutter is gone, ideas will flow. When clutter is present, the great ideas and focus will halt. Find desks that offer a great amount of free space for personal and class belongings.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of desks available for homeschool use. Post after post will show you the best desks with tons of free space for students to use throughout the day. Any 10 desks featured in this post will be the perfect addition to your classroom. If no two options stand out, take inspiration from Ikea and build your own! Optimize your homeschooling with any of the best desks available online.